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Diving Deep — coming December 9

Just in case you thought I wasn’t busy while I was away neglecting my blog, I was. Busy producing a novel heavy on the adventure and the feels, just for your reading delectation. Lee and Bobby needed their second chances story told.

On preorder now, and ready to read on December 9th.


Adventure, danger, passion. A heady mix that only a select few can breathe—and live.

Standing by while his lover tempted fate deep under the Atlantic drove Lee Preston into the bottle. The pain of watching his captain drown in a sea of booze sent elite wreck diver Bobby MacArthur running.

Lee chases whiskey the way Bobby chases adrenaline. The farther apart they stay, the better off they’ll both be. And if Bobby repeats those words often enough, he might start believing them. Now his former partner is calling to his diver soul with the promise of the find of a lifetime. Every crazy chance he takes underwater is safe compared to coming back, but if Lee’s turning his life around, Bobby will haul his gear back aboard the Bottom Hunter.

But not as lovers—yet—and no booze, no wild gambles two hundred feet below. Not even to identify a missing piece of history sunk to the bottom of the Atlantic. Fate has given them a chance to redeem what was lost, if they survive.

But the sea is jealous of her secrets, and the price of her treasures is high.

Available at:

Dreamspinner  |  Amazon  |  All Romance eBooks  |  Barnes & Noble  |  Apple

and your other favorite booksellers.

Kermit flailing at its finest

kermitA couple of things have me waving my arms and yodeling in a green amphibious way. One is that I finally finished the first draft of my otter shifter novel. Becky Condit has been tapping her toe at me to accomplish this, so now she can uncross her arms.

Lon and Corey have been shipped to first readers, who will keep me from unleashing anything too egregious on the world. Pity the koi.

NewMan[A]FSSecond flaily dance item: A New Man is live for preorder at Amazon!  If you prefer to shop   Dreamspinner or at All Romance eBooks,  it’s there too. Live on February 9!

Amazing video for Snow on the Mountain

Una nevicata in montagna is coming out on November 11, and the lovely Francesca Girauda and her team put together this video to show Kurt and Jake’s adventures. This is so my new favorite song. The imagery is perfect for the story, and there’s even a section for the bonus Christmas story at the end. **squee** It doesn’t matter what language you read these boys in, that video is PERFECT!

Wanting Cari Z’s Wanting More

WM200x300Cari Z and I spent some quality time on a project that you’re going to want to read!  Wanting More is the latest from Rocky Ridge Books.


After a late-night rendezvous is interrupted by the partner of the man who hired him, stripper and high-end escort Alex Kidman can’t get James Fitzgerald out of his head. So when James comes to watch him dance a few weeks later, Alex knows it’s time to make his move–but James isn’t comfortable with him if he isn’t paying for his time.

With a Bonus Story: Favorite Dish

With his lover James away on business for three weeks, Alex does his best to distract himself by keeping busy with his work as a chef, but not even the most elaborate meals can keep him occupied when all he wants to do is cook for two. Fortunately James has the same problem, and can’t resist coming home early to satisfy his hunger for Alex.


Cari whips up plenty of heat between a rentboy with serious talent in the kitchen, not to mention the sack, and his lawyer lover. I got to help a little around the edges with the cover and some HTML, but the goodies are all Cari’s and now they can be yours.

Wanting More is now available at All Romance eBooks, Rocky Ridge Books,  Amazon, and Kobo, and coming soon at Barnes and Noble and  Apple. You’ll want some too!

Fire on the Mountain–now in Spanish!

FireontheMountainSPLGToday’s the big day for the Spanish translation of Fire on the Mountain! Fuego en la Montana (I still can’t make that tilde) is available on the Dreamspinner New Releases page.

Jake and Kurt’a first book is now available in Spanish for readers who’d prefer to read about Jake y Kurt. Since I now have a novel that I wrote in a language I only partially understand, here’s my chance to learn more. 😉

Mil gracias to translator María Ángela Cuenca Alcaraz, who worked very hard to maintain the spirit of the original in this new version.


Tomarse un descanso de los estudios, disfrutar de las Montañas Rocosas de Colorado, combatir un incendio de vez en cuando. Eso es todo lo que Jake Landon esperaba cuando se inscribió para ser un ranger. Hará equipo con algún hombre viejo de montaña malhumorado; patrullarán los parajes en un camión cisterna; hablarán tres palabras al día, y el viejo malhumorado no será atractivo en lo más mínimo. Un bosque nacional es lo bastante grande para ser el armario de Jake, que pasará su tiempo libre pescando.

Pero el viejo malhumorado resulta ser Kurt Carlson: seguro, competente y con experiencia. También es joven, vivo, amable, y considera la ropa algo opcional cuando se trata sólo de dos chicos en la naturaleza. Compartir una pequeña cabaña con esta tentación andante atenta contra la cordura de Jake: ¿está enviando señales, o simplemente siendo Kurt? ¿Y cómo reaccionaría Kurt si descubriera que su nuevo compañero quiere prender un fuego de otro tipo? Jake está aterrorizado: tienen que vivir juntos durante cinco meses sin importar lo que pase.

Las chispas que vuelan entre los guardabosques podrían incendiar los árboles, pero se necesita un fuego feroz para hacer que Jake y Kurt admitan el calor entre ellos.