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Training Cats–it’s for real

Training cats3Now that I’ve tortured you all with the misery of blurb-writing, it’s time to let you read the story. ;D

Training Cats features Keith and Dante’s buddy Brent, who needs their help rather badly. Now available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, All Romance eBooks, and Rainbow eBooks.

Close enough to touch, and still out of reach—Evan rings the PriceCo pharmacy register for Brent and keeps his thoughts about the pharmacist to himself. He dies a little inside every time he sees Brent with Tyler—why does Brent let that jerk treat him like dirt?

After one humiliation too many, Brent’s asking himself that same question. He has a better chance of teaching a cat to sit and stay than of convincing handsome, self-centered Tyler to be thoughtful. It’s time to be single again.

With the right bait, Evan can teach a cat to roll over or a man to see what’s before his eyes. He might need Kitty Noms, or a touch of kindness, a pinch of consideration, and a trail of M&Ms.



On Call: Crossroads is back!

OnCallCrossroads200x300On Call: Crossroads, the third installment of the Keith and Dante stories, is back! All purty in its new format, and available in PDF, Mobi, and ePub, through your favorite online bookstores–well, if Kobo would complete the processing, it would be there, and you can find Keith, Dante, and their menagerie at Amazon, All Romance eBooks, Barnes & Noble, and Rainbow eBooks now.

Dr. Keith Hoyer has lost patients before but never like this, not at sixteen and not by intent. Certain that he could have prevented the tragedy with some word or deed that he left unsaid or undone, Keith is desperate for a way to redeem his failure.

If Keith’s going to practice medicine in a Third World country, his lover, veterinarian Dante James, needs time to sell the practice and brush up on diseases of goats. “Whither thou goest, I go,” Dante tells Keith, but where will those words take them?

Keith and Dante are dancing again.

Keith and Dante, my interracial doctor and vet couple, star in a number of stories. I have several that have either seen limited distribution or have only been shared with a handful of readers, so I’ve been assembling them into pretty packages, with covers by Jared Rackler. It’s still taking me a while to do the formatting, though it would go faster if I followed my own instructions better. (Find and replace ellipses at the HTML stage, not the “checking the MOBI file” stage, Pam!)

This time, Keith and Dante plan to trip the light fantastic, though you’ll see how well that goes, and if that works out better than Keith’s encounter with Dante’s family. Finally, one of Dante’s regular clients brings a startling patient into the clinic.

“It’s all a prelude to the horizontal tango,” Dante tells Keith, and drags him to the dance club, two left feet or no. Work has a way of chasing this doctor and vet couple down — the victims of a car crash need their help more than they need a night out. But a night in, tending an injured dog, can be filled with landmines… and music.

Includes bonus stories On Call: Family and On Call: Wildlife.

Now available at All Romance eBooks as PDF, EPUB, and MOBI, and Amazon.

Free Stories from GayRomLit, including Sugar on the Mountain

One of the pieces of swag that I took to New Orleans was a CD ROM of some free stories. I couldn’t carry enough for everyone, and not everyone was there to collect the hard copy.

Have to fix that, right? I can’t transport you to Louisiana, but I can direct you to where I’ve parked the stories for your reading pleasure.

Here’s what I put on the CD:

On Call: Crossroads, the 2010 Torquere Charity sip that is now a free read for you
Tool for Change, a prompt fic that turned political
Shorts, a collection of flash fiction
and Sugar on the Mountain. Okay, I think I got a little silly with this one, but Mark got into something, much to Allan’s surprise, and I had to write about it. If you’ve never had dulce de leche, then I can only grieve for you. It’s the only substance on the planet that’s better than chocolate.

Sugar on the Mountain is new for GayRomLit, but I invite you to join us in the mountains.

All the stories are available through Goodreads; just use that green button, and enjoy.

An Extra Scene from Training Cats

I had a little scene that didn’t fit into the the story — I pushed the word count to the groaning point as it was. Training Cats is my contribution to the Torquere Charity Sips, meant to benefit the “It Gets Better” project, to educate GLBT teens that a happy, healthy life as GLBT adult is real and possible for them.

Training Cats could be subtitled “The Case of the Missing Spine” and this is how it looks from Evan’s point of view.

Evan scanned the yellow bag of peanut candies, biting the inside of his cheek to keep from blurting out what he thought. He’d heard Brent’s request for plain M&Ms as surely as Tyler had. He was a PriceCo check-out clerk, he wasn’t supposed to have an opinion on the customers’ purchases, and he couldn’t cause a scene by questioning their choices.

He wanted to yell at Brent and Tyler both.

“Brent!” he wanted to say. “Don’t let him treat you like that! You don’t have to put up with someone who doesn’t respect you. You deserve better.”

But Evan said nothing, only handed the receipt to his friend. He did catch Tyler’s eye for a silent bitch-out, trying to say with a look everything that couldn’t come out of his mouth. He couldn’t speak his mind to Tyler here at work and he’d probably never see the handsome pharmacist and his stuck-up glamour-boy anywhere else.

Tyler’s lip curled. ‘You’re something nasty stuck to the bottom of my shoe,’ his eyes said, ‘and keep your mouth shut.’

Evan wouldn’t speak, but there were other ways to get the point across. He watched Brent and Tyler push their laden cart toward the door, hating the arrogance in the set of Tyler’s black cashmere-clad shoulders and the defeat under Brent’s white dispensing jacket.

Before he closed up his register for the night, Evan bought a bag of plain M&Ms.

Training Cats is on hiatus but will be back soon.