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Are you sure it’s an illusion?

I haven’t had an optical illusion in a while, and that’s a shame.  This one is, or was, installed in front of the Paris city hall. Doesn’t look like much, does it? Kind of a whacky lawn. With stripes.

optical illusion paris 1

Until you get to just the right spot.
Optial illusion paris 2

An anamorphosis is a distorted picture that comes together when viewed from the correct place and angle. This one took 90 people five days to build, and artist Francois Abelanet unknown time to design. Doesn’t look like it’s 100 meters long, does it? Or does it? Watch the video.

Anamorphic Illusion

Golvopeasvisa_ReneRedzepiHaven’t posted one of these in a while, and I found a nifty one. The gentleman portrayed is Rene Redzepi, one of the world’s best chefs, and this portrait was commissioned as a magazine cover. Golvopiesa, an art studio out of Mexico, did this anamorphic portrait from food, wine, utensils, and all sorts of cuisine-oriented bits. Take a closer look.

It took quite a bit of setting up and getting the angles right.

rene-redzepi-portrait-golpeavisa-6It’s anamorphic because it only shows the picture when seen from one particular angle, otherwise, it’s only  dinner as served in my house. 😉

The rotating snake–wha?

Are you seeing motion? Is it going inward or outwards? Are you sure?

This is a good illusion, called the rotating snake, and it depends on the relative brightness and width of the stripes. For the full explanation and a graphic you can play with, see Michael Bach’s site. Way cool, and the illusion repository Michelle asked about.

Hadn’t seen this one before

I love optical illusions, and this one was new to me.

We’ve all seen the cups that become a couple or the old woman in profile who becomes the young Gibson girl turned away, but I’d never seen a trimmed photo that does this. Kind of freaky, huh.