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New paperback, this time in French

What fun! Jake and Kurt are off to have adventures in French.

It’s very odd to have written a book and be completely unable to read it. This might be my big opportunity to learn a new language.

Ooh purty!

Otter Chaos Look what the printer sent! All purty, with little pawprints here and there, to go with Mr. Plotting Otter. Every one of these copies is spoken for, with the giveaways won and the presentation copies I’ve promised.

I do love Dar ALbert’s artwork. She completely captured Lon’s goodhearted mischief and Corey’s concern.

Since Amazon decided to put these on sale for three dollars off the regular price, this might be a very good time to grab one of your own.

Paperback sale at Dreamspinner


Doesn’t that sound like stock up, please your shelves, romantic, hot-man opportunity?  Did to me, which means I completed my collections of my favorite authors’ titles.

Most of my titles are included in this wowapalooza of a sale, including A New Man. Folks, get thee to Dreamspinner, because it can’t get any better than this.

NewMan[A]FSChad and Warren in trade paperback for $8.50 US? Get yours.

Or maybe you need to complete your Mountain series. (Psst, $7.50 each.)


Rare Event 5 star reviewOr — you’ve been waiting for the right moment to get The Rare Event, with Ricky in all his naked, lickable glory.  He can be yours for half price.

There’s always a catch–this is while quantities last. Head to Dreamspinner, quick!


At last, in my hot little hand!

The hard copies of The Rare Event arrived! This is my first novel that’s gone into print, but not the last, as I am diligently working on Mountain novels, but your first is always special. I opened the box and cried.

If I’d looked at the return address first, I’d have combed my hair.

But I have real 350 page trade paperbacks representing two years of work: this was a long time coming, with some missteps along the way.

I had to take them all out and pet them. Yes, I cuddled them and called them “George.”

I just know I’m going to be that author who sits by the computer on the eve of the official launch, hitting ‘refresh’ over and over on the Dreamspinner “new releases” page. Now that you know where I’ll be at five minutes to midnight tomorrow night, won’t you join me?