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The Cougar and the Plot Bunny

We hired a new tech at work recently. I wasn’t aware he was coming on board, but I encounter him running the MTS machine (prepacking tablets, an activity I approve of) and he’s kind of cute, if you like them compact and wiry. So I ask a few questions, trying to be friendly, and he tells me a bit about what interests him. He used to race motocross and he flies. With his partner.

That’s cool.  His male partner, he makes sure to tell me. Oh really? Did I just have a plot


waltz into the pharmacy? I shall take notes of whatever little tidbits he lets drop. Discreetly.  He’s looking a bit wary. It dawns on me he must be seeing


I’d like to think I do okay but I have the MU at home and that’s quite enough. He starts volunteering details about his partner.

bunny-cute-8Where’s my notebook? He’s practically plotting my next story.

The more he sees cougarthe more I wish I had my notebook. He’s looking a little wild around the eyes. He goes to great lengths to convince me of his unavailability, because he’s now terrified of 


This is why you have to make every character a composite if you base on a real human being. Because


turned out to be a

Evil bunny

and not even gay.

Dude, you probably won’t recognize yourself in my work, but you are definitely in there.