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O’Carolan’s Seduction is up!

OCAROLANSSEDUCTION2Hugh Kelly’s come to America to leave Ireland, its traditions, and its conflicting attitudes behind, but the best money he can make is by tending bar in an “Irish pub.” The would-be Gaels love his authentic accent, but Hugh has eyes only for Steven, an uilleann piper with the damnable taste to wear kilts.

Hugh doesn’t care much for the traditional Irish music and is determined not to tap his toes along with the reels, jigs, and the O’Carolan tunes, but the music and Steven are irresistible. Steven gives Hugh a piping lesson, and the tune they play ought to be called “O’Carolan’s Seduction.”


My Irish session-going, kilt-wearing ulleann piper is back, and Hugh’s glad of it. Now with a pretty new Jared Racker cover, too!

Find O’Carolan’s Seduction at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Rainbow Books, and All Romance eBooks.

Well, Kobo’s still dithering, but Rainbow Books has it on sale for a Tuesday new release. Now’s your big chance!