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When worlds collide

facepalmI had an interesting conversation with a colleague, who was helping me happy dance about this bit of news on Otter Chaos. He wanted to read it. Um… Okay. He’s nearing retirement, and he’s a lovely person but I’m not sure how open his mind is, and I’d rather he not bump his nose on genre if we know by definition he won’t appreciate the surprise. I have to work with him. I explain: “I write romance, and both MCs are guys. There’s sex, and it’s explicit.”

He barely blinks. “Is it available on Kindle?” he inquires, because his wife is a voracious reader and has a device. Yes, yes it is.

What have I done? I ask myself, and file it under known hazards of your pen name intruding into EDJ. This is a much better interaction than the time a well-meaning coworker yelled, “You mean like Brokeback Mountain?” across the pharmacy. At least that prepared me for someone leaving a copy of The Rare Event in the break room. It was well thumbed, too.

spokesNext morning Dear Colleague comes in and casually mentions, “We found one we think we’d rather start with. Because we’re both avid cyclists.”  And he quotes something that could only be from having read beyond the Look Inside. And beyond the first sex scene.

So I say the only thing I can say. “I hope you enjoy, and heh, I took a few liberties on the subject of drafting.”

For the first time I get to watch someone read Spokes while being more concerned about my depictions of cycling than about the sex.