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Sale at Smashwords!

It’s the 11th Annual Read an Ebook Week at Smashwords.  While I kind of think every week is read an ebook week, this one’s special because you can get Otter Chaos, Spokes, or the On Call collection for 50% off.

If you need whiskery otter shifters raiding the koi pond, hot guys in spandex, or a  veterinarian and a doctor with a houseful of critters, this is your big chance.

The sale runs through March 7, Saturday. A coupon code applies at checkout. Find the books here, and go wild! Lon will help. (For some value of help. Never give an otter a box of Cheerios.)

50% off sale at Smashwords on selected titles

Just in time for the Tour de France, Spokes and a few selected titles are 50% off at Smashwords.

Now’s your big chance to grab a handful of highly-toned, Spandex-clad story, of love, cycling, betrayal, and redemption.


Or if you’d rather have a frisky otter shifter, try Otter Chaos at this great discount. Lon’s happy to play.

Sales prices are good through the end of July.

Celebrating with a book sale-Mountains and more

DreamspinnerPress_ProudToBePartoftheFamily_1_LargeNine years of Dreamspinner Press?  Dreamspinner was already an established publisher when I started reading and writing  gay romance. I used to gaze at the elegant covers, wishing to one day see such faces for my stories. And I collected a lot of books there, which, how could I not? I needed to read!

Still do. 😉  Always will. I find so many good stories here, and am happy to be part of this publishing house. I came along when Dreamspinner was 5 years old, starting with a short story, Prep Work.

It was a great day when I found out my Mountain novels would have a home there, as well as Ricky and Jon from The Rare Event. Later on I would bring Chad and Warren of A New Man to Dreamspinner. The book I’m working on right now, Diving Deep, will have its home next to Kurt and Jake, and the rest of my Mountain guys.

One question that brings folks to my blog to answer is: Is there a reading order for the Mountains?  Mostly yes, a little bit no. Let me explain.

Fire on the Mountain — starts it all with Kurt heading into the mountains, where Jake will find him a few years later.

Snow on the Mountain — Kurt and Jake’s follow on-story, solidifying them as a couple. They run into Mark, who needed a story of his own, leading to…

Fall Down the Mountain, where Mark falls in love with Allan.

Cross the Mountain is a free Mark and Allan short, which does stand alone if you’re coming in cold. It’s a skiing story, and oops, you saw what I did there.

Blood on the Mountain comes later in the timeline; we’re back to Kurt getting exasperated with Jake, who is having a bit of trouble reconciling his future with his present.

Return to the Mountain features a different couple from Wapiti Creek, the ski resort where Snow and Fall take place. Gary and Seth’s story overlaps with Mark and Allan’s. Here we also encounter Ricky from The Rare Event, and get a look at his backstory.

So for reading, Fire, Snow, and Blood work best in chronological order. Fall stands alone, but is richer for being read after Snow. Return is a standalone, as Mark and Allan are secondary there. Read The Rare Event anywhere you like along the way, because you’ll either understand Ricky better or be pleased to see his story with Jon.

Will there be more Mountain stories? Yes, I have a couple brewing. 😉  Because Jake has yet to come out to his entire family.

Now, if you’re missing a part of this saga, this is a terrific time to enhance your collection, because Dreamspinner’s anniversary celebration includes a sale.  This week only, my books, and books from so many other great authors, are on sale for 35% off.

How many other great authors? I can’t count that high.

Year 4 authors: Diane Adams, Victor J. Banis, JP Barnaby, Anne Barwell, Jessie Blackwood, Louise Blaydon, Selina Brody, Sue Brown, Scotty Cade, Talia Carmichael, Allison Cassatta, Alan Chin, Elizabeth Coldwell, Shae Connor , R. Cooper, Charlie David, Jessica Skye Davies, Dawn Douglas, CJane Elliott, Phoenix Emrys, Jeff Erno, Pepper Espinoza, Etienne , Feliz Faber, Jamie Fessenden, Rebecca Lynne Fullan, S.A. Garcia, Ab Gayle, Michael Gouda, JM Gryffyn, Michael Halfhill, Lou Harper, Lori C. Hawkins, Valentina Heart, Morgan James, Hayley B. James, Kiernan Kelly, M. King, Christopher Koehler, Trina Lane, Maggie Lee, Rebecca Leigh, J.J. Levesque, (August) Gus Li, Pearl Love, J.R. Loveless, Ryan Loveless, Sui Lynn, Jake Mactire, Sarah Madison, Anna Marie May, Moria McCain, Rowan Mcallister, Kate McMurray , T.C. Mill, Elizabeth Noble, Star Noble, J.L. O’Faolain, Stephen Osborne, Sjd Peterson , Amber Redd, Rick R. Reed , Tracy Rowan, Jaime Samms , Stefan Seabourne, Kate Sherwood, Ruth Sims, Joel Skelton, Amberly Smith, Shelter Somerset, JoAnne Soper-Cook, Andrea Speed , Caroline Stephens, Ethan Stone, Jan Suzukawa, BG Thomas, Tinnean , C.M. Torrens, Wynn Wagner, Felicia Watson, Cooper West, Eden Winters, Lisa Worrall, Connor Wright, Sulayman X , Xara X. Xanakas, Cari Z. Carol Zampa

Year 5 authors: Alex Alder, Perry Ambrose, Shira Anthony, Anna Birmingham, T.c. Blue, Ana Bosch, Lara Brukz, Kc Burn, Rena Butler, Ellis Carrington, G N Chevalier, Nick Chivers Rebecca Cohen, David Connor, Michael G. Cornelius, Robert Cummings, Carole Cummings, Eon de Beaumont, Poppy Dennison, Johnny Diaz, A. Soo Donim, E.S. Douglas, Jana Downs, Ryssa Edwards, Bell Ellis, Thursday Euclid, Theo Fenraven, Tia Fielding, Kim Fielding, Rhys Ford, Brandon Fox, Gene Gant, Elizabella Gold, John Goode, Elinor Gray, R.G. Green, Jeanette Grey, Liam Grey, M.d. Grimm, Ellee Hill, Ellen Holiday, JC Holly, John Inman, Lee James, K.J. Johnson, Lissa Kasey, Chris T. Kat, Annie Kaye, G.P. Keith, Wade Kelly, Juan Kenobi, Zee Kensington, KevaD, Alex Kidwell, Evie Kiels, Tj Klune, Susan Laine, Tara Larson, M. Lee, J.R. Lenk, Jamie Lowe, Malthea, Edmond Manning, Wayne Mansfield, Z.B. Marshall, Anna Martin, Sean Michael , C.L. Miles, E E Montgomery, April Moone, Clancy Nacht, Mj O’shea, Eve Ocotillo, Jeremy Pack, Hb Pattskyn, Mal Peters, Charlotte Rahn-Lee, Eric Renner, Spencer Rook, Rodney Ross, Brian Rowe, Claire Russett, Ann T. Ryan, Cecilia Ryan, Jerry Sacher, Carly Safko, Robin Saxon, Riley Shane, Meredith Shayne, moi, Sam Singer, Bee Snow, Ada Maria Soto, Christianna Spencer, Michael St. Anthony, Leora Stark, B.A. Stretke, Damon Suede, Cindy Sutherland, Lou Sylvre, Anne Tenino, Toki, Melanie Tushmore, Lorraine Ulrich, Piper Vaughn, Stuart Wakefield, DeShaun Walker, Alex Whitehall.

Thanks, Dreamspinner, for keeping the TBR pile full of great books.


Ooh purty!

Otter Chaos Look what the printer sent! All purty, with little pawprints here and there, to go with Mr. Plotting Otter. Every one of these copies is spoken for, with the giveaways won and the presentation copies I’ve promised.

I do love Dar ALbert’s artwork. She completely captured Lon’s goodhearted mischief and Corey’s concern.

Since Amazon decided to put these on sale for three dollars off the regular price, this might be a very good time to grab one of your own.

It just got easier to shop at ARe!


Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000035_00023]Whoa, this come just in time for Eden Winters’ excellent sale and new release. If you’ve been following her wonderful Diversion series, you’re right in time to pick up the latest: Bo and Lucky are back from Mexico and need to ground themselves in the worst way. Redemption. (Slightly biased beta reader here says it frickin’ rocks the hurt/comfort and love.)

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000035_00023]And if you haven’t started this incredible series, this is your big chance! Eden put Diversion (#1 in the series) on sale for 99 cents, and after rebate you have put the Rainbow Awards 2012 Honorable Mention Thriller into your library for 50 cents.

If you can beat that with a stick, I want to see the size of your stick.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000035_00023]If you have started the series, but got a little sidetracked, continue on with Collusion (now in its pretty new coat from LC Chase), Corruption, and Manipulation, so you’ll know the whole story leading up to Redemption.

It is vaguely possible that you missed the hullabaloo on spokesSpokes, but you can still grab it for the after rebate price of $2.50 while the app sale is going on.

Grab your wish list books, in mobi, epub, or PDF at All Romance eBooks!