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Scam alert–are you getting flooded with spam email?

Are you getting a sudden deluge of spammy emails? Like you’ve been signed up for every mailing list and catalog in the universe?

The first impulse is to bulk delete and curse the clown who did this to you.


Curse away, yes, but comb through those emails with a gimlet eye to what actually may be important. Someone has done something underhanded and is relying on the flood of spam to bury an important notification.

Something where you really want to know: a Paypal transaction you didn’t authorize. A credit card transaction for something you didn’t buy and will never see. A notice that someone has applied for Covid-19 benefits in your name.

That last happened up in Canada to an acquaintance, who fortunately spotted the email in the heap of trash and is now recovering the account and unwinding the changes in their CRA account.

That so easily could have gone undetected.

Constant vigilance.

Go Phish

noI haven’t written about scams in a while, mostly because they’ve all been retreads of old material. The inbox brought a variant of a standard today, but this one pisses me off because it’s aimed at the honest but struggling. It’s slick enough to catch someone trying to do the right thing and make their lives worse. A lot worse, because when you’re flailing with your obligations, being offered hope and getting identity theft instead could be the last straw.

Here’s what I got:

Are you struggling with Federal or Private student loans? This is a Government program that we facilitate directly through the US Department of Education. Call 888-634-9403

Get forgiveness for Federal loans and new options that could save you thousands.

We can help lower your obligation and pre-qualify you to get Loan Forgiveness and possible payments as low as 0 (zero) every month. Call 888-634-9403 to find out NOW! Our toll free hotline 888-634-9403 has been ringing with people calling to get their loans on the Governments forgiveness program

We have counselors on standby so don’t hesitate to take advantage of this offer and start the new year with lower payments!!

Interest rates have doubled since July 2012 and due to this crisis the Government has a plan for Federal Student Loans.

We have an A+ rating with the BBB and we are a member of the ASFLR ( Association for Student Loan Relief). Contact us for a no cost evaluation. Student Borrowers have these options that for immediate assistance.

Act now before the program is no longer available. We have thousands of people calling so find out if you are eligible TODAY!

Sallie mae, Great Lakes, Mohela, AES, ACS, Navient, Parent Plus Loans, All Federal and Private and many more may be eligible.

Do You Have Private Student Loans Also? We Can Help!
Call 888-634-9403 so you don’t miss out!

Sounds like the ticket to loan relief, but since by definition they’d be getting access to financial records, it’s more like the handbasket to hell.

Scams that target the greedy gullible I can laugh at. Phishing among  people already struggling is lower than whale shit.