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Guest blogger: Diane Adams talks about her latest!

IftheStarsFall200x300Please welcome Diane Adams, who’s joining us with some insight on on the MCs of her Making of a Man series. Alex and Jared are back, this time with a good look at their missing years.  Thanks for sharing this, Diane.


Hey everyone! Thank you for joining me today on PD Singer’s Blog. I hope you find the topic interesting!

The response to If the Stars Fall has been overwhelmingly positive, but a question keeps coming up, even among readers who love the book, about why I chose to jump ahead so many years in Alex and Jared’s lives. I’m not talking about the time shift within the book, which I believe most readers are used to by now, but the amount of time between Clark’s Story (book 4) and Stars. A lot of you want to know why I decided to ‘skip’ so many years. It’s a good question and I have an answer.

I always planned for The Making of a Man to be a six book series. At the beginning of my writing journey with Alex and Jared my inexperience as an author allowed me to envision the series following Alex and Jared’s lives without break, through college and onward. However, as I gained more experience I began to see trouble ahead for my original vision. It was while writing Clark’s Story and began to contemplate the next book that the problem became clear.

In the first three books Alex’s absence plays a big part in the stories and even in the fourth book his being away was an issue. A book set during his college years seemed in danger of being a rehash of the same theme.

Alex is gone. How does Jared cope? How does Alex cope? Will they drive Clark insane?

There was the option of focusing on the difficulties caused by a long distance relationship. There is good opportunity for plot twists and angst in that situation.

One of the guys being attracted to someone else, or one partner assuming there is someone else resulting in massive misunderstandings and jealousy, growing apart due to the separation, or one neglecting the relationship because of being caught up in the demanding and more immediate cares of life.

All good ideas, but unlikely to happen to our guys, life for Alex and Jared is not perfect, but their love is unfaltering. I couldn’t imagine writing them into a situation that represents their love as being anything less than what it is.

By that point I was really struggling. We all love HEA, but a book without any conflict or challenge for the characters are boring. No matter how I imagined writing the college years into a full length book, it felt like rehashing the theme of Alex’s absence, with lots of fluffy feel good moments thrown in. I was pretty sure that even with Alex and Jared there is a limit of how much fluffy sap a reader can endure.

I thought about taking up the story immediately after graduation, but so much of that had been told already. Alex graduates, they build the house together, they work together and everything is lovely and, well, perfect for them. When couple lives their HEA life is amazing, but not the kind of thing that lends itself to captivating story telling.

I was writing the last few paragraphs of Clark’s Story when inspiration struck.  I could take up their story where the last chapter of book four left off.

In book five the glimpse into their future could be on the occasion of some anniversary of high number. The original number was fifty but that proved a bit too far ahead. By doing so I opened up an entirely new area of their lives that we knew nothing about and anything could happen. I think it was a sound decision.

Don’t fear that the years not included in the series are lost. I anticipate writing more short stories both free at my blog and longer ones through Silver Publishing. I doubt I write them in any sort of order, but however inspiration strikes.

I suppose the next question is what’s next for Alex and Jared? Well, there will not be another huge time jump, I can promise that. I anticipate the next story being set within a year or so after the events in If the Stars Fall and there will be kids. I have a fantastic idea about that and…oh sorry I’m not going to spoil you. Let me just say that Jared is going to be faced with a situation he’s never had to deal with before.

Thank you all so much for taking time to come by and visit today! Please leave a comment. Share your thoughts about the progression of the series, how you feel about kids in romance books, or anything else you have to say and you’ll have the chance to win a free ebook of If the Stars Fall. And as an added bonus if you win and you haven’t read Clark’s Story, you really should read that first, so let me know and I’ll include Book 4 when I send you book 5.

Many thanks to PD Singer for hosting us today! Make sure you leave her love in the comments as well. It’s been fun talking to you and I look forward to reading your thoughts in the comments.

You can buy the Making of a Man series, including the newest book If the Stars Fall at Silver Publishing

IftheStarsFall200x300Blurb: For sixteen incredible years Jared Douglas and Alex Ross share their lives and their hearts, each golden moment seeming to promise a lifetime of the same. When calamity strikes, it hits hard, leaving the couple shell-shocked in the aftermath.

As Alex struggles to recover from an injury and cope with the resulting depression, Jared’s efforts to help are ineffectual. Alex is slipping away and Jared can do nothing but love him and cling to hope.

When things are darkest, Alex and Jared continue their struggle to find common ground; what they discover comes as no surprise. Sadly, even the strongest love can be stretched too far. They don’t want to lose what they had but is looking back the answer?

I’m Blogging with Josephine Myles–You can’t be Series-Ous!

I’m tackling the tangle that can be a series, with a brief overview of the 192 styles that are possible (no, not each one!) Come help me explore how there can be that many types, and why the Mountains worked out as they did.  My gracious host is Josephine Myles-come join us!

Charity Sip Blitz — On Call: Crossroads

Torquere Press has a wonderful annual tradition of releasing a multitude of stories themed to a cause — this year, it’s Healing Hearts, and our beneficiary is Doctors Without Borders. The authors donate their royalties and the publisher matches, so that every Healing Hearts story will provide support to this wonderful organization that provides medical care in over sixty developing nations. Read some hot m/m, do some good in the world — can it get any better than that?

So many of your favorite Torquere authors have contributed stories – I am watching that page as all twenty-eight of the Healing Hearts stories go up. By this afternoon, there will be a wide array of offerings from such favorites as Eden Winters, Mara Ismine, Lee Benoit, and Kara Larson, and from new to us all authors like Gabriel West and JM Cartwright. I’m really watching for that button that says “Buy All”  — that should save some wear and tear on my clicking finger, and then to settle in for twenty-seven excellent reads.

The twenty-eighth story is mine; you might say I’ve already seen it. 😉    On Call: Crossroads brings my doctor/vet couple, Keith and Dante, back, at a cusp of their lives.

Dr. Keith Hoyer has lost patients before but never like this, not at sixteen and not by intent.  Certain that he could have prevented the tragedy with some word or deed that he left unsaid or undone, Keith is desperate for a way to redeem his failure.

If he’s going to practice medicine in a Third World country, Keith’s lover, veterinarian Dante James says, he needs time to sell the practice and brush up on diseases of goats. “Whither thou goest, I go,” Dante tells Keith, but where will those words take them?

This link will take you to twenty-eight stories that will touch you in twenty-eight different ways.

Mountain Series — What’s the Order?

Some kind persons here at Goodreads have numbered the Mountain stories in a sequence that I wouldn’t disagree with, but there’s a bit more to it than that. Maybe we should take those numbers more as a sign of my productivity than for directing your reading.

Fall Down,pd singer Each story was meant to stand alone, although they surely would be richer read in order. One through four (Fire, Snow, Mistletoe, and 8 Seconds) are all primarily Kurt and Jake’s stories, with 8 Seconds occurring approximately a year after Fire. Then we have Fall Down the Mountain, which is Mark’s story. I like Mark — he has a slightly skewed sense of responsibility — he and Allan have more page time to come.

Fall Down is set just after Snow, but with a new narrator, the stories almost have to diverge. Mark’s concerns are different than Jake’s; he’s had more time to become schooled in hard knocks and a lot less experience with honorable lovers. If you’re just coming to the Mountains, Fall Down is a perfectly good place to start.

Come to the Mountains!