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On Call: Afternoon is out

My new Sip, On Call: Afternoon, is now available from Torquere Press! This new short story features Dr. Keith Hoyer and Dr. Dante James, who have a lot in common but a lot of differences, not least of which is specialty – Dante is a vet. A good thing, because when Keith’s cat is injured, he needs a vet who can be reached on a Sunday.  The second Keith and Dante story, On Call: Dancing, should be along in a month or so.

The blurb (slightly different than on the TQP site, since Eden Winters had a helpful hand in this one)

New single doctor in town, Keith Hoyer, gets plenty of interest, but is it for himself, the M.D.after his name, or what they think is in his wallet? The patients, of course, are strictly off limits. So each night he goes home to his big, gray tabby cat, Harpo, and unfulfilled dreams.

Then he opens the door to his exam room to find hunky veterinarian Dante James, with whom he’d rather play doctor than treat professionally. Too shy to approach the man, Keith needs Harpo to play inadvertent matchmaker.

Now, just because authors need inspiration, I spent some time looking at this not entirely safe for work pic. Scroll down, because the “more” cut isn’t cutting.

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