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I found it–whoo hoo!


I am delighted to report that I found the notebook with all my research for Spokes. It turned up in the last place I would think to look, and my darling MU is the hero of the hour for recognizing that a slightly bedraggled spiral notebook in the greenhouse was the object of my search. I must have left it out there while perusing Velo magazines with pertinent articles, and forgotten it. The greenhouse is the best place for reading during rainstorms, but it’s only useful during certain seasons, because of temperature fluctuations. It’s not all that great for raising plants, though it once contained a hot tub, and may again. More of a 3 season room, really.

The entire Spokes project had to be back-burnered when Dreamspinner took the Mountain books–5 novels and 4 shorts to write or rewrite needed all my efforts. Return to the Mountain, the fifth novel in the series, and Cross the Mountain, a short, will be out in late March, and are the last stories scheduled, though there are half written pieces on the hard drive. So I can devote my attention to Spokes!

Um, right after I finish edits on Return to the Mountain. Gary and Seth want my undivided attention.