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Blog Hop Limericks, first set

PD Singer blog hop Valentines Day

Hi, all! Thanks for dropping by! Folks have left me some limerick prompts in passing, and I’ve succeeded in using most of them in this little sequence. If you don’t see yours, fear not, the second set will be along shortly.

All who comment (including leaving me a prompt) get entered into the drawing for your choice of my upcoming novel, The Rare Event, due March 30th, or anything from my backlist, and a PD Singer keychain flashlight. Feel free to look around.

Heh, Eric and Ned from yesterday’s limerick (featuring the word orange) are back for more. Prompt words used: Wine, Rose, Candy, Scarlet, charming, wrought, radish, duvet, candle light, cat, roses, rabbit, bunny, back

Eric gave his beloved a rose.
Staple, as a Valentine goes.
But Ned’s rotten pet rabbit
Has indulged his bad habit
And nibbled the flower where it shows!

Ned scolded the lupine varlet
Who’d eaten the petals so scarlet.
Turned the munch to the back
Hid the bunny attack —
“The damage won’t show if it’s starlit!”

To distract from the naughty lupine
Ned poured Eric a big glass of wine
And plied him with candy
(And then got all randy)
Of Bun’s thieving he gave not a sign.

Eric said, “Let’s have candle light!”
Revealing the terrible sight.
A well behaved cat
Would not have done that.
Eric saw where Bun had a bite!

A boyfriend will find it alarming
If his gift is allowed to take harming.
Needs apology wrought
Most sincerely, Ned thought,
And delivered in a manner most charming.

“I’m so sorry that Bun ate your posy,
Instead of his radish so rosy.”
“Think nothing of it,
And come under the duvet.”
(They proceeded to get very cozy!)

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