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I came across a lovely video, much too good not to share. If you’re not seeing the embedded video, click the Vimeo link. And enjoy.

WWF Hungary – Paper World from Paper World on Vimeo.

Yves approves

(This is a video which may not come through email notifications.)

If you need more rugby after that, I have a story that might suit.

ScrumFree at Amazon, Barnes and NobleARe, Kobo, and Apple.

All about the books, no trouble

My pal TD O’Malley introduced me to the catchiest earworm I’ve heard in a long time, so much so that I find myself singing the chorus at decidedly non-singy moments. (It’s all about the… No, no, not now!)

And I also think libraries are the hallmark of civilization: books for everyone. And movies and CDs and storytimes and….. I love libraries.

Enter the earworm x  43.

Photoshop cookies

Angie Benedetti sends me the best links! And apparently the strains of editing were getting to her (there’s a new Hidden Magic novel in the not so distant future, how cool is that? Mannie’s story at last!) because she found the perfect mashup of computers and food. For those of you who get posts as emails,  the video probably won’t work, but come on over and poke the play button.

The way Photoshop and I get along, we might not eat very much if I cooked this way, but dang, what little I could manage would be consistent.

Why eBooks are perfect for m/m, or the other way around?