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P.D. Singer Is Bringing The Fire And The Snow Today –you could win

P.D. Singer Is Bringing The Fire And The Snow Today. Look What She’s Offering To A Lucky Winner!.

Lisa isn’t kidding: I have paper copies of Fire on the Mountain and Snow on the Mountain on offer today, so go enter, and if you’d rather have electrons, I’m sure we could cut a deal. ;D  Dash on over to the The Novel Approach to enter.

We have a winner for A.B. Gayle’s Red + Blue

Thanks to everyone who came by to read A.B. Gayle’s post and show some interest in the book — I have three chapters to write before I can start reading mine.

Our winner is Debbie Bryan! Debbie, watch your in-box for a note from A.B., and be patient because she’s in Australia and hasn’t been getting much sleep.

The rest of us can get our copies here at Dreamspinner, or at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or All Romance eBooks.

Thanks, A.B., for posting, and drop by any time!

Blog Hop Limericks; the story continues

PD Singer blog hop Valentines Day

Hi, all! Thanks for dropping by! Folks have left me some limerick prompts. It’s official, my brain is broken. Mackerel and thyme just weren’t happening, but everything else did. If the story is a little tortured, blame those who giggled and left “vinyl” and “chocolate-shaped rabbit.” I did my best for you. (Crawls off mumbling, “What else rhymes with rabbit?” As a poet, I make a really good pharmacist. :S ) Find the first two installments of this story here and here.

All who comment get entered into the drawing for your choice of my upcoming novel, The Rare Event, due March 30th, or anything from my backlist, and a PD Singer keychain flashlight. Feel free to look around.

Prompts used: Chocolate, music, parish, vinyl, Jenga, game, blindfold, feathers, Easter Rising, well, Rising didn’t happen, sorry, chocolate-shaped rabbit, tattoo,

Ned’s gift was a big box of chocolate,
Sized perfect to lie on, thought Rabbit.
When they’re warm they get squooshy,
And all comfy and cushy!
It smells good on my fur when I sit!

Noting that Bun was astir,
Ned checked where the candies were.
He did not see the merit
Of a chocolate-shaped rabbit.
“Wrong day! We need you at Easter!”

Why did Bun’s game have to be “Squish?”
Not Jenga or chess or Go Fish?
The wreck of each gift
Could well cause a rift!
He’s the naughtiest bun in the parish.

“V-day makes a big ballyhoo,
but you know my love’s lasting and true.”
Eric blindfolded Ned,
And returned him to bed,
To reveal a new heart-shaped tattoo.

They finished activities coital,
Wanted dinner and music on vinyl.
Ned put on feathers
And Eric wore leathers
They left Bunny home, and that’s final!

The winner will be announced tomorrow, so leave a comment, and follow the blog here to get an extra entry into the drawing. Our blog hop ends at midnight, but if there’s a comment when I get up in the morning to announce a winner, I’m not checking time stamps.

Lots of authors are participating; find them here. Thanks for coming by, and welcome back any time!