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It’s obvious once you bump your nose

stressed businesswoman looks laptopI check on the blog stats now and then, and sometimes check a post someone’s looked at. Because, memory, and does that need updating? Is the correct cover showing?

All too often, the answer is yes, and no. So, apologies for all of you who saw the dusty old pages. I’m tidying, I promise, and the cobwebs are being swept away. Readers might prefer I spend time on the new WIP (more on that later) rather than website maintenance, right up until they find a page that says “Coming from Dreamspinner in 2013.”

Also, in followup to a previous post, I played around some more with the cover to Training Cats, tweaking the color and the gradient, and got this:

TrainingCatsBlue1600x1000I’m so pleased with it that it’s the new face of the story at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, All Romance eBooks, and Kobo.

And about that WIP? 75K and in the home stretch. 😉

Today’s Muse

TamirBloomOlympics1996epeeI needed a little inspiration for my WIP. Since I’m working on the tournament scene, I found the nommiest competitor on the Net.

This gorgeousness is Tamir Bloom, who fenced epee for the US in the 1996 Olympics and took 2 silver medals at the 1995 Pan American Games, as well as winning the US individual epee in 1998 and 1999.

He’s wearing his knickers and his plastron, which goes under the padded jacket. That make it much, much easier to pick him out of a crowd than if he had all his gear and his mesh mask on.

I’m inspired. Gotta go work on All Man.

Much too cute!

Way back in the day, I wrote vampires and shifters and necromancers, oh my! It did teach me how to tell a story, but when I started offering original works, nothing of my fanfiction came along. Nobody bit anyone, nobody sprouted fur.

‘Til now.

Been working on a short for an anthology I’ll be appearing in this summer with some very talented mm writers from Colorado, like Marie Sexton, Cari Z, and Michael Barnette, and this time around, shapeshifting was required.

So I did what I always do–research! Never mind why I needed this–I found the overdose of cuteness.